Why we are different

Why we are different

At VAKS we do things differently. We understand your child’s needs as a learner and teach individuals in small groups. This is a powerful and effective way to accelerate development. Children are placed at the centre of their learning and are continuously praised and motivated through our interactive teaching methods, which are engaging, enjoyable and fun.

The most effective teaching occurs when children are both physically and cognitively engaged in the cycle of learning.

Our pupils learn from interaction with their peers, who they are matched with according to ability. Not only does this increase confidence, but it makes learning so very different from school and creates a unique dynamic, and highly effective lesson, proven to be more powerful than when a child is taught in a one to one setting. Parents and children frequently describe VAKS as more of a ‘learning club’, where children are enriched and challenged individually.

Learning is a journey, a process of growth and change. It cannot be constantly measured. To develop self-confidence, is to be enriched in a happy, stimulating learning environment

Martina Barrett

Our Mission Statement

To inspire, support and teach young people, whatever their ability, whatever their goals.