About Us

About Us

VAKS provides private tuition for children from 4 to 18 years. We offer tailored study programmes designed to meet the individual needs of your child, providing mentoring and coaching for all students and giving them the opportunity to reach their full academic potential. VAKS’ form of educational support is based on our founder’s vision that learning should be interactive and dynamic.

We teach individuals in small groups, which enable our students to form a bond of trust with their tutors and learn from their peers. For this reason VAKS tuition is teacher directed rather than via a computer. This is a powerful and effective way to accelerate learning. Children are continuously praised and motivated by our interactive teaching methods and original study programmes, which are effective, enjoyable and fun.

Our Mission Statement

To inspire, support and teach young people, whatever their ability, whatever their goals.

Our Philosophy

The most effective teaching learning occurs when children are both physically and cognitively engaged in the cycle of learning. This is why, at VAKS, we adapt our teaching to match the learning style of each pupil whilst also ensuring that we work in accordance with the National Curriculum.

To gain more information on your child’s learning style – try our free assessment here.

Educationalists demonstrate that children learn in a variety of ways. The way our brains process information is individual and determines our different learning style. A learning style is simply a different way of learning. Every person has a preferred or dominant learning style. We do not learn through one exclusive preference.

VAKS’ private tutors use a blend of all three styles:

  • Visually- learning through seeing
  • Auditory- learning through listening
  • Kinesthetically- learning through moving, doing and touching

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Our teachers are great role models and motivators. We strive to make our pupils confident, independent thinkers and learners.

Learning is a journey, a process of growth and change. It cannot be constantly measured. To develop self-confidence, is to be enriched in a happy, stimulating learning environment

Martina Barrett