What People Say

We believe that our students are our best referees!
Read what some of them had to say about the VAKS experience.

I like coming to VAKS because the teachers are really kind.

Vasyl (Year 5)

I like VAKS because we can bounce ideas off each other and it is an easy environment to learn in because we don't have the disctractions we have at home, for example our computers and phones. I have learned lots here and the tutors are really helpful. I think it is a lot nicer than a tutor who only focuses on you because the people around you help and make it an interesting environment to learn in.

Rachel (Aged 14)

I like VAKS because it helps me go over stuff that I haven't really understood yet in school.

Ollie (Aged 9)

VAKS has helped me improve my science in a calm relaxed environment. My confidence has grown from being able to talk to others the same age about the same subject.

Ellie (Year 11)

Over the past few years that I have been attending VAKS it has made me more confident in my work and in myself to tackle those exams and do well in them.

Kasia (Aged 16)

My confidence has grown in science and I have learned great exam techniques. The lessons are made individually, specific to my weaknesses, as we learn in a friendly environment, with other students similar age to me.

Finn (Year 11)

I like coming here because I learn new things and my learning here affects my learning at school (in a good way).

Lily (Aged 10)

I think VAKS is very fun and you can make friends. All of the teachers are so kind.

Nendhini (Year 5)

What I like about VAKS is I actually learn something and I'm top of the class.

Eddie (Aged 9)

I like having a group of other people as well as myself because I can get on with my work when the teachers are helping someone else. I also feel nervous when one person looks over my shoulder and concentrates only on me. I also know that I can tell the teachers what I'm working towards whether it's SATs or 11+ and they will help me.

Amelia (Year 5)