Science Tuition


VAKS teaches Primary and Secondary Science as well as GCSE Tuition and A-level Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Our initial free assessment allows our Science tutors to focus on your child’s Science learning targets and ensure that we can provide science lessons that form part of a specially tailored study programme.

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Our science study programmes and revision courses are guaranteed to improve your child’s existing grade. We teach pupils how to organise, plan and revise more effectively.

We do this by identifying and improving key areas:

  • Confidence
  • Revision
  • POD (plan, organise, develop)
  • Knowledge and understanding
  • Exam preparation and techniques

By teaching to each student’s needs and learning style we help him/her to improve in knowledge and in critical and independent thinking, and so achieve higher grades and greater overall success.

Our students are taught to develop a broad understanding and a concrete knowledge about the wider ranging theories of Science, many of which encompass the theory of evolution, atomic theory and the essential principles of Newtonian physics.