Maths Tuition




From Reception through to GSCE and A-level our Maths tutors can equip your child with the confidence and skills to tackle whatever challenges Maths presents. Whether it’s times tables or trigonometry, we infuse our students with the same passion that we hold for the subject.

Our initial free assessment helps to highlight areas of strength and weakness that your child may encounter during maths lessons. This allows us to determine your child’s individual learning targets, which we can address through our specially tailored programme.

Our Maths tuition programmes encourage pupils to:

  • Develop a sound core knowledge and understanding of mathematical facts appropriate to their level
  • Provide opportunities to rationalise and reason
  • Think independently, critically and analytically
  • Discuss their findings
  • Recall related facts
  • Apply mathematical techniques in problem solving

By teaching to each student’s needs and making reference to their learning style, we provide the educational support needed to help your child improve in knowledge and in critical and independent thinking. Mathematical learning does not occur in a linear way. It is through sound practice and repetition that knowledge is acquired. Coupled with consistent practice and regular input from their Maths tutor, students can achieve higher grades and greater overall success, whatever their level.

Available As a Free Session

So that you can be sure VAKS is right for you and your child, a free session is available with no obligation to continue.
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