Homework Club

Homework Club

VAKS are pleased to offer our new Homework Club, which will operate as an additional service to our existing tuition programmes.

We have always found homework to be a major problem for children and one for which parents find it difficult to provide a solution. There are a number of reasons for this. For many families, there is simply not enough time during the week to deal with the child’s increasing volume of homework. Children can then become anxious about meeting the deadline for completing their school homework.

At VAKS, we teach in accordance with the National Curriculum. We allow children to bring along any Maths, English or Science homework. Tutors are available to work through any difficulties that the child may be experiencing. Children are offered opportunities to work within a more structured learning environment, free from distraction and where they feel that they are given the appropriate support and guidance.

Children work alongside the tutor in a small group and, when they are confident to work independently, they may then do so. Homework is monitored by the tutor but not marked. This allows for the child’s own class teacher to assess how well the child has coped.

A combined programme of tuition and Homework Club is also available. This is suitable for families who may have one child attending tuition whilst their sibling attends Homework Club only. Some parents may feel that their child needs the extra support that the Homework Club provides, rather than tuition, at this stage.

Homework Club takes place after school from Monday to Thursday during term time only. Children of all ages can attend their local centre.

Available As a Free Session

So that you can be sure VAKS is right for you and your child, a free session is available with no obligation to continue.
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We cater for a range of ages and requirements

At the outset, one of our qualified and experienced teachers will conduct an educational assessment of your child. This provides us with the necessary information to develop an individual study programme. A mix of resources and activities is carefully selected to suit the individual learning style of your child.

About our lessons

  • 45 - 60/120 minute tutoring sessions
  • Small groups
  • Individual Tuition available
  • Orginal study programmes
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