4+,7+,11+,13+ Entrance Exam Support in Hertfordshire

Entrance Exam Support in Hertfordshire

Our team is very experienced in preparing students to sit entrance examinations for both Grammar and Private Schools in Hertfordshire and surrounding areas. We are enormously proud of results achieved by children in 4+, 7+, 11+, 13+ entrance exams since 2002.

VAKS continues to achieve a 100% success rate.

Performing well in exam conditions at any age requires professional support and tailored tuition. Our advanced programmes ensure that children are not only taught how to perform academically but are also equipped with the vital skills needed to cope psychologically during this experience.

At VAKS, we care tremendously about how this learning is facilitated. Together with parents, we endeavour to ensure that each pupil finds learning a positive experience. This will advance their Mathematical, English and Reasoning skills. These are the tools for learning that will be called upon long after the exam day.


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Each programme focuses on the key exam preparation skills:

  • Understanding and interpretation of exam questions
  • Memorisation techniques
  • Mind mapping
  • Comprehension and textual analysis
  • Mock exam practice
  • Study skills and organisation
  • Interview technique
  • Time management

Exam Preparation

Selective exam preparation covers the following:

  • Play and communication skills for 4+ assessments
  • 7+ entrance preparation
  • 11+ and 13+ school specific entrance exam preparation
  • Common Entrance Tests
  • University aptitude tests and further education


We prepare children for a vast range of schools within Hertfordshire, London and Middlesex. Some of these include:

  • Aldenham School
  • Dame Alice Owen's School
  • Haberdashers’ Aske School
  • Haileybury College
  • Henrietta Barnett, London
  • Merchant Taylor School
  • Mill Hill School, London
  • Parmiter’s School
  • St Albans School
  • St Albans High School for Girls
  • St Columba’s College and Preparatory School
  • St Edmund's College and Preparatory School
  • St Michael’s Grammar School, London
  • Watford Boy's School
  • Watford Girls’ School

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