English Tuition




Reaching across the board from spelling and grammar to essay structure and creative writing, VAKS has a variety of English lessons to equip your child with the skills and confidence to progress rapidly and achieve success.

We offer literacy programmes for early years and general educational support for Key Stages 1 & 2, right through to Preparation for the 11+, GSCE and A-level exams.

Our programmes focus on:

  • Developing Phonics knowledge
  • Comprehension and text analysis
  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Writing skills and creative workshops
  • Strategies in spelling
  • Writing techniques and essay structures
  • Dyslexia and associated reading difficulties

By completing our initial free assessment, your child can inform our English Tutors to focus on your child’s English learning targets to ensure that we provide whatever educational support they may need. We offer bespoke programmes for every pupil. By concentrating on individual students’ needs and different learning styles we help him/her to improve in knowledge and in critical and independent thinking, and so achieve higher grades and greater overall success.

Phonics and Literacy: Reading and Writing English Lessons

For some children, learning to read can be a stressful part of their educational career, especially following the transition from Reception to Year One. Many children will rely on strategies such as memorisation, however the VAKS learning model can offer a more effective way of learning using a multi-sensory approach.

Each of us has a natural preference in the way in which we receive, process and impart information. The way in which we process information is as unique as we are. Once we are aware of our preferred learning style, the efficacy of our communication and learning is markedly improved. VAKS’ English tutors utilize a blend of specialised visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning methods to teach Literacy. Our teachers are additionally trained in the Ruth Miskin phonics programme, ‘Read, Write, Ink’ and provide expert guidance and support in teaching children how to write as, for many children, this can be one of the most challenging aspects of their journey through literacy.

This variety of approaches maximizes effective learning and enables long-term retention, ensuring that children who first come to our tuition centres as reluctant readers develop into confident and happy English students.

I feel I have improved in comprehension and RNM method has helped lots. I now feel happier writing long stories and also keeping writing for a long time. Also my creative imagination has shown its improvement at school.

Amy (Age 10)

I feel much more confident in my comprehension skills. VAKS has helped me to improve my understanding, speed and correctness.

Joseph (Age 9)