A-Level Tuition and Further Education

A Level and Further Education

Our A-Level tutors offer students the precise help that they need during their crucial A-level period. We teach students how to manage their time and to meet coursework deadlines. Tutors give detailed feedback to students about where they are making progress, as well as advising them what they need to do to improve their grade.

We have a team of specialists in A-level subjects, some of which include:

  • Mathematics coaching
  • English coaching
  • Science coaching - Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  • Languages

Increased Confidence

Participating in our programme will result in students returning to school feeling confident about the way they approach the run-up to their exams equipped with an increased understanding of how to structure their revision and note taking.

Weekly practice exam papers, coupled with individual feedback, ensure that students gain a clear insight into what they need to do to improve and develop their learning.

UCAS application

We guide students through the entire UCAS application process. We offer expert guidance, from writing personal statements through to developing university interview technique.